Sports Medicine Australia (WA Branch) continues to manage the WA Drugs in Sport education project. On-going funding from the Department of Sport & Recreation allows the project to continue providing education, support services and resources to the community

WA Drugs in Sport Education Project

Sports Medicine Australia (WA Branch) and the Department of Sport and Recreation share a common vision of  Drug Free Sporting environments across a range of target groups including:

  • State Sporting Associations and State Leagues
  • Sporting clubs and their support groups – participants, parents, coaches and administrators
  • WAIS coached, support staff, elite athletes and parents
  • Education institutions – schools, TAFE’s, universities (teachers and students)
  • SMA WA Level 1 Sports Trainer participants
  • Health professionals working with elite teams
  • SMA WA members working with elite teams

Key Issues 

  • Use of performance-enhacing drugs
  • Use of illicit drugs in sport
  • Safe use of permitted medications
  • Drug effects on performance
  • Alcohol effects on performance
  • Drug testing procedure